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Modern infrastructure for global business payments.

Enterprise users can access Currenxie’s payment network via our Platform APIs to collect, convert, and payout around the world at scale. Contact us today for a custom solution.

Currenxie app Accounts screen preview
Currenxie app Accounts screen preview


Collect local payments with our global network of virtual bank accounts and hold them in your multi-currency wallet. Bypass the time, cost, and friction of receiving bank payments cross-border.


Use bulk and batch payments to accounts around the world, taking advantage of over 20 currencies in our integrated wholesale FX platform and local payment rails in 40+ countries.

Currenxie API

Grow your offering

Expand your own unique service offering by leveraging our network. Add new markets to your collection and payout coverage, creating value for your customers, partners, and vendors.
Currenxie API

Gain real-time data

Our API suite and Webhooks ensure your platform is always up to date with the latest transaction information and notifications for all your trades.
Currenxie API

Dedicated support

As an Enterprise user, you have access to a dedicated Client Success Manager for all your account management needs, ensuring you hit every milestone in your program.

Contact us for a custom solution