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The business account without borders.

Currenxie app Accounts screen preview
Currenxie app Accounts screen preview

An easier way to send, receive and convert funds.

Experience international finance in an app. A global currency account gives you access to payments, foreign exchange and Visa cards - everything your business needs to go global.
Hong Kong Multi-Currency Account

Hong Kong Collection Accounts support up to 14 currencies:

One online account for all your needs, and at a lower cost.

Open your account online and manage it wherever you go. With no set-up or maintenance fees, you use only what you need, when you need it.

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Foreign currency accounts, 外幣賬戶, 外币账户

Go global instantly with foreign currency accounts.

Get unique bank account numbers in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Europe, the UK and the USA - and we're adding more.

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Day or night, your account is ready. Relax and focus on the numbers.

Currenxie app Balances screen preview
Currenxie app Balances screen preview
Currenxie Cross-platform

A next generation financial platform.

Available 24/7 via web and app, powered by our payments and credit engine, and offering transparent and competitive fees, it's the smartest way to collect, convert and transfer money.
Team’s productivity

Unleash your team’s productivity.

Easily add and manage team members, enabling them to view Global Account balances, transactions and more.
Simplify your accounting.

Simplify your accounting.

Seamlessly integrate and sync your transactions with Xero in just a few clicks.



What is the Teams feature?
The Teams feature allows you to extend Global Account access to members of your team. Easily allow team members to view, access and manage controlled aspects of your account.
Who can use the Teams feature?
Teams is available to all clients and is accessible via web browser and mobile device.
What tasks can I allocate to team members?
All approved members can view accounts, balances, transactions and beneficiaries. You can also grant special permissions to allow the management of beneficiaries, virtual accounts and transfers.
Where can I learn more about the Teams feature?
More details can be found in our Help Centre.
How do I connect my Currenxie Global Account to Xero?
Connecting your Global Account to Xero is simple, free and should only take you a few minutes. For a full set of instructions, please visit our Help Centre.

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