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Three Tools to Help You Scale Your Business Globally

Three Tools to Help You Scale Your Business Globally


If you are looking to scale your business globally in the modern economy, you need to ensure that your organisation has the infrastructure to accommodate growth.

The most important and overlooked aspect of scaling a business is access to proper finances. Currenxie is helping modern businesses around the world effortlessly scale their operations and their finances through their Global Account® platform.

Here are the three ways that a Currenxie Global Account can help you scale your successful business internationally in 2022 and beyond:

#1 - Zero-Spread Foreign Exchange

If you own an international business that operates across borders, then you will need to be able to send and receive payments in multiple currencies fast and affordably.

Traditionally, exchanging currencies was bad for business. Banks and other transfer services typically add hidden markups to their exchange rates which results in exorbitant fees. These hidden fees can cut a huge chunk out of your bottom line.

Because we understand how frustrating hidden fees are for any business, at Currenxie, we offer zero spread foreign exchange to remain as transparent as possible. Our online business account has no hidden fees and no hidden markups. We offer the mid-market exchange rate (like the one you see on Google and XE.com) and are open throughout the entire currency exchange process.

This opens the global market up to your business in a way that was previously unfeasible, and more of your profits stay where they belong - in your account.

Our currency exchange platform currently supports 20 currencies (including USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, and more) and payments to over 100 countries. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about how our currency exchange platform can help your business scale.

#2 - Bank Like a Local

When it comes to scaling your business, accepting and holding multiple types of currencies can be super beneficial — especially when it comes to diversifying your product or services. One such benefit is flexibility.

Instead of having to exchange foreign currency, you can keep cash balances in multiple currencies in your Currenxie Global Account. Accepting and making payments in local currencies can also help you earn the trust and support of potential customers and suppliers from around the world.

However, while you can’t deny these benefits, opening a traditional business bank account in foreign countries can be challenging. Strict rules and regulations set by incumbent banks make opening up a bank account a tedious process. Endless paperwork, long application waiting times, a proper business plan means it can take months to be approved. Some jurisdictions, like Hong Kong, even require all of the company directors to be physically present at the initial meeting with the bank.

As opposed to traditional bank accounts, the process of opening an account with Currenxie is relatively straightforward and seamless. Simply sign up for an online business account from the comfort of your home or office and get approval in just a few days. All of this can be done without having to visit a physical branch, with the interview portion of your application conducted via video call.

Our mission is to give businesses an international banking solution that is as smooth as it is scalable. That’s why our Currenxie Global Account enables you to pay and be paid like a local in Hong Kong and over 30 countries worldwide.

#3 - Currenxie Visa Business Cards

Having the ultimate freedom to spend securely online, on social media or in-store is a crucial element of streamlining expense management. The Currenxie Card allows business owners to spend their Global Account balance, as well as earn unlimited 1% cashback on every purchase. This is so they can better manage online and offline expenses, seamlessly and securely, through Visa’s global merchant network.

Currenxie Card

Grow your business and boost your professional services with the Currenxie Card.

The virtual Currenxie Card is currently available for all Hong Kong-based Global Account users. Physical cards are also available upon request. We’ll be expanding our card services to other countries very soon.

We will also be issuing multiple Currenxie cards for your employees and team members. These will empower them to make the purchases they need in a way that is easy for you to track and manage.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Don’t limit the scope or potential of your business. By thinking about scaling now, you can ensure that your company is set up for success in the future. When you open a Currenxie Global Account, you will have the financial infrastructure you need in place to be able to scale your business effortlessly in a global economy.

If you are interested in opening a Currenxie Global Account so that you can take advantage of our modern financial services for sustainable business growth, get started today.


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